BUILDING ON A PASSION: Finding the perfect slab for your kitchen or bath design

I am working on a master bathroom remodel and have a passion for all things Carrara marble. I’ve had a passion for this marble for years and I am finally in a situation where it can be fully incorporated into a design.

Shown in the first image on the left, Carrara marble is a type of white or blue-grey marble of high quality, popular for use in sculpture and building decor. It is quarried at the city of Carrara in the northernmost tip of modern day Tuscany, Italy. It’s a classic material for sure, and has been available for millennia it seems… but using it thoughtfully will bring such a timeless feel to the environment, and incorporating it in your design will lend itself to a timeless space and never be considered “dated”.

Regardless of the material type you choose, there are so many variations in stone: whether it be marble in this case, granite or quartz. Its important to walk the warehouse floor, find and tag your slab yourself. Each slab has unique characteristics and in my opinion, its like a piece of art. Sometimes you don’t even need any other decorative elements in a kitchen or bathroom because the material in itself tells a wonderful story.

IMG_2348 IMG_2350 IMG_2351

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