Building and Remodeling: Having a good team beside you

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I have a great relationship with my contractor. We’ve worked together on and off for 12 years. He’s experienced, detail-oriented, reliable and cost-effective. Truly!

He’s quite a talker, but I love that about him. I hear about what is going on with him, his family, what recent/current/future projects that he’s working on. Most importantly, I enjoy his company. We work well together and really collaborate when my design is a little “tricky”.

As in any profession, you need have a great team beside you and you need to enjoy their company. If you argue, don’t get along, disagree on the project, then you are in trouble and need to find someone else you can work well with. I’ve spent too many years working on different projects and it is very hard when you don’t get along with your colleagues. Like a successful marriage, you are not going to agree on everything, but you need to share the same goals – whether it be for one project or years of projects!

Ken calls me The General. But I know it’s just in fun (I hope!)

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