• Passionate designer focused on customer service.
  • Effective listener skilled at identifying the needs of the client.
  • Experienced project manager working with both local and remote clients handling the updates.
  • Successful at helping clients identify priorities in a phased-work approach.
  • Focused on a single area to an entire home, we turn your house into a home you love.


Design has been a passion of mine from well, since I can’t remember when! In “Corporate America” I spent many years in a Creative Director role that naturally transitioned into my love for residential design well over 15 years now.

I hope you enjoy my site and find some tips here to help with your own renovation plans. My NEWSLETTER which recently launched at the end of 2019, is a mainstay for design ideas relating to the Seasons we approach as well as design ideas for your own home.

Personally when working with my clients, effective listening is the key to my designs, as I dig deep and really get to know them, their personal design style and how they see themselves living in the space they love or are excited to love!

From staging to rent or sell, consulting with your own plans that need a bit of help, to full project management – I would love to meet with you and discuss how I can help you with your renovation challenges and design a place where you are truly HOME AT EASE.

Phone: 850-460-0532
email: hello@homeateaseinteriors.com

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