Sell? – We can help with recommendations on refreshing and properly presenting and staging your home for the greatest return. 

Buy? – We can help assess the hidden potential in the home you are buying and make recommendations for updating and/or remodeling. 

Update? – If you love your home and want to stay, we can help assess and guide you from design consultation through project management on a full remodel in one room or an entire home. 

Helping family? – We all likely face challenges of older parents moving to a senior living community. In many cases, homes that have not been renovated in 10, 20, 30+ years realtors recommend refreshing before they can effectively be put on the market. We can help guide you with this transition.


Knowing where to begin and how to implement the design is often the most difficult part of the project.  We will put your best interest first by communicating with all parties involved and reviewing designs and drawings prior to the start of any construction to make sure there are no design misses in your overall project.  A happy ending is best achieved by a well thought out and preparatory beginning.


We take pride in helping you determine your design style and level of formality for your overall space.  One of our strengths is finding HIDDEN POTENTIAL in the items that you currently own – Laura and her team can help you assess what you currently have and make recommendations to refinish and perhaps refurbish instead of beginning all over again. In addition, your personality and essence should all be reflected within your project and we will guide you through the process in creating a space that represents who you are and what you love most. 


For those of you who may need assistance in pulling together an already proposed design or idea or making some adjustments to one room we can certainly help.  A brief phone conversation with us can usually determine your needs and design style preferences.  We work on an hourly basis and can offer you a “Designer for the Day” opportunity where we will come to your home with various material samples to help you make decisions and lead you in the right direction in order for your design story to come full circle.


Some of you may entertain doing most of the work yourself on your project because cost is a deciding factor when designing your home or office.  As design experts, we can assist you with ideas and information to help you get your project started.  We are available by phone or in person to discuss the project scope and your design preferences in order to determine our role as your designer.  An onsite meeting to gather measurements and photos will be essential in providing us with your design style and project specifics to help in moving forward with your project.  We then can provide you with a proposal with the best options for the structure as well as fees to stay within budget for your project..


Laura has extensive experience project managing home renovation with her trusted onsite partners. She knows how to collaborate with the trades and work cohesively together so that the project stays on time as much as possible. In addition, she anticipates where there can be delays and works to adjust scheduling to ensure that the delays are minimal.

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