BABY NO MORE: Creating multiple spaces within a space for a school age girl

IMG_2923 IMG_2925

When transitioning a room from a baby to a school-age child, it is important to consider a number of factors when you are creating a space including:

  • her age
  • her likes
  • her dislikes
  • her favorite color
  • what does she need the space for, etc.

It’s important that the space be lively and fresh, but tranquil for rest. It needs to be a place she can bring her friends to play and hang out. it’s also a space that she can grow into and be conducive to study and learn. The space that I had to work with is not that large… a modest 10’x14′. The space, though is ample to achieve all of these requirements while maintaining a sense of whimsy and fun!


Color was a big factor… I tried in earnest to stay away from pink walls, but my “client” currently age 5 and very opinionated, really wanted bright pink. In the light the images were taken, it actually reads brighter than it is, but I managed to tone it down somewhat with bedding of a lighter shade and other elements in the room that give it balance…


The antique white dresser, desk and bed frame are the foundation and will transition well as she grows and matures and her tastes change.


I added a seating area for her friends that come over and play… including a rocking chair and purple poof to sit on… for reading books or hanging out. Pink drapes with embroidered flowers and butterflies frame the large window.


My client is a big Disney fan, and so the parents invested in a lithograph of Tinker Bell that hangs prominently nest to the bed by the door welcoming her imagination to flourish.


The whimsy part of the project were the butterflies I was inspired to add on the wall over the headboard delicately masked by an ‘Elsa Castle’ inspired mosquito netting that she takes refuge in surrounding herself in it curled up with a book.


And to top it off, I added the cutest pink faux fur (I couldn’t help myself) swivel, height-adjusting desk chair from Pottery Barn that will be perfect as she grows.

Having a child as a client can be a challenge. Their creativity goes in many directions and sometimes it is difficult to move forward with a plan that they will ultimately love. I find that showing pictures and talking about “likes and dislikes” works well and then it is up to you to take that knowledge and develop the best solution for their needs – and sometimes at the ultimate direction of their parents.

In the end at the big reveal with eyes closed and then “ta-da”… the first words out of her mouth were… “THIS IS AMAZING!!!” And I am one happy designer – she made my day! WHEW!

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